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What Is Escrow? Home Loan Providers Explain November 8, 2017

What Is Escrow? Home Loan Providers Explain, ,

When their home loan providers mention escrow, many home buyers panic: It’s a term they’ve heard but don’t quite understand. The professionals at Premium Mortgage Corporation, which services Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, New York, as well as Barre, Vermont, explain the meaning of escrow here to demystify its meaning once and for all.

Escrow Represents a Promise of Purchase

As unnerving as it is, escrow is a positive step in purchasing a new home. Being in escrow represents the buyer writing an “earnest money” check to be held by a third party as a “promise of purchase.” This secures the property to the buyer until all relevant inspections and updates are made. Escrow ensures an impartial third party basically places a “hold” on the property until both the buyer and seller are satisfied with the purchase and sale terms. Once it is complete, the sale is final.  

Escrow Protects Both Parties

home loan providersIt may seem confusing, but escrow protects both the seller and the buyer. The former would never want to sign over the deed to their property without payment. Likewise, a buyer would not want to hand over their hard-earned cash to a seller without reassurance they’ll receive the property. By placing escrow funds in an impartial third-party account, home loan providers say both parties are protected, fair treatment is maintained, and laws are upheld. 

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