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How to Choose the Best Lawn Mowers August 28, 2017

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How to Choose the Best Lawn Mowers, Statesboro, Georgia

Lawn mowers give you a neatly trimmed turf around your home, turning your backyard into a clean and pleasant environment as opposed to a messy overgrowth that may harbor pests and other harmful elements. However, shopping for a lawn mower can be a bit of a challenge, as there are so many types and features to choose from. Here are some insights on how to find the best mower for your needs.

What to Consider When Buying Lawn Mowers

The size of your property determines the size and type of lawn mower to buy. For a backyard with a small square area, push lawn mowers will be sufficient. For larger grounds, riding models will be a more convenient choice. You’ll also want to consider the type of blades to use for the lawn. If you’re looking for a certain type of cut for your grass, mowers with sharp, long-lasting blades and adjustable decks will be a good option for you.

lawn mowersWhat Power Source to Choose

Gas-powered mowers are more powerful than electric types, and its operation isn’t restricted by a battery charge or power cord. They are commonly used for heavy-duty projects. However, gas types are more expensive to maintain. You need to change the spark plugs, oil, and fuel filters regularly. They also emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. Electric mowers are a greener solution, and they can help you save money over time.

What Accessories to Buy

Before buying any accessories, make sure that they can work with your mower. Grass collection bags will help avoid any mess for an easy cleanup. You should also consider mulching kits that process grass clippings into fine pieces and throw them back into the soil as fertilizer.


The team at D & H Truck & Tractor can help you find the right mower for your property. Located in Statesboro, GA, the company is a one-stop-shop for lawn mowers, lawn care tools, and farm equipment. They also offer mower repair and truck parts. Call them at (912) 842-4333 today or visit their website to learn more about their products and services.

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