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4 FAQs About Well Pump Services August 25, 2017

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4 FAQs About Well Pump Services, Cedar, Iowa

When something is wrong with your well pump, you'll experience problems with your water supply that can disrupt your daily routine. To help you further understand some of the common well pump services you might need, check out the information below.

4 Well Pump Service FAQs Answered

Why Is the Water Pressure Low?

When the water pressure declines in your home, it’s often the result of a material, such as sand or dirt, clogging the lines and preventing the water from flowing freely. There is also a chance that your well is drying up or the pump has gone bad and can’t send water through to your home.

What Causes Cloudy Water?

well pump serviceIf the water isn’t as clear as it once was, there might be something contaminating it. A well pump service will test the water to identify and correct the problem. A few common causes include too much lead, iron, or pesticides in the supply.

Why Doesn’t the Pump Stop Running?

Your pump shouldn’t run for hours on end. A continuous flow will cause the pump to burn out and leave you with no water. 

What Caused the Water to Stop?

When the water stops flowing into your home, that can be a major problem. Remember, the pump can’t pull water into your home if the power is out. When your power is on and no water is coming inside, that often means something is wrong with the pump or the well itself. 


If you experience any of these scenarios, you need to have a professional well inspection to determine the right course of action. Depending on the root of your problem, you might need repairs or to replace your pump. If you live in Solon, IA, Brown’s Well Pump Service will help you get to the bottom of your water supply troubleshooting. Visit them online to learn more about their services, or call (319) 848-4222 to schedule an inspection today.

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