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What Your Child Will Learn From Music Theory Classes August 15, 2017

New York, Richmond
 What Your Child Will Learn From Music Theory Classes, New York, New York

If your student is set to study music theory, they’re in for an eye- and ear-opening experience. Not only will they learn how their favorite music is constructed, but they will also be introduced to brand new ways of thinking about the sonic arts. And the path your child chooses after music summer camp or school is entirely up to them, whether they want to create popular music or challenge the status quo.

But for the moment, this is what they’ll learn:


Without a comfortable grasp of rhythm, even the most naturally talented musicians will suffer. In music theory class, your child will learn some of the most commonly used rhythm patterns in music and how to recognize and notate them. They’ll also be taught more complex rhythms you rarely hear in pop music.

Scales & Melodies

music summer campA piece of music’s melody is what you might find yourself singing along to. Melodies are seemingly complex, but beneath the surface only a limited amount of notes are needed, depending on the scale. While studying in school or music summer camp, your child will learn to appreciate the profound differences between scales, including major, minor, and pentatonic.

Harmony & Chord Progressions

Some of the most effective harmonies are derived directly from the melody. In a music summer camp with theory lessons, your child will learn about the relationships between melodies and harmonies, and the history of bass line construction. They’ll also learn to recognize the most common chord progressions and understand why they’re so popular.

Sheet Music

Throughout all of the above, your child will be taught to read sheet music. Advanced students often go even further and learn sight-singing, which is when you sing what’s written on a page without having to hear it first on an instrument or recording.


Does your child want to learn music theory? If so, get in touch with DEA Music and Art today! With three locations throughout New York, the scholarly organization runs music summer camps, art classes, and more. Call (718) 370-7733 to speak with a representative, and visit their website for more information.