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3 Aerial Lift Safety Tips From OH's Equipment Rental Experts August 24, 2017

West Hamilton, Hamilton
3 Aerial Lift Safety Tips From OH's Equipment Rental Experts, Hamilton, Ohio

Aerial lifts make a variety of jobs easier, but the height and variety of elements involved can be dangerous if you don't take safety seriously. Hamilton Rental Center specializes in high-quality rental and tool sales in the Butler County, OH, area, and their team of professionals stresses the importance of following the proper protocol every time you use the machinery. Here are the equipment experts' top three safety tips to follow when using an aerial lift.

3 Expert Safety Tips to Follow When Using an Aerial Lift

1. Inspect the Location

When planning to use an aerial lift, you need to first inspect the site before the equipment arrives. It's important the location is flat or nearly flat. Hills and slopes can throw the machine off balance when it’s in operation, especially if the arm extends from one side to another. Even if the ground appears level, double check the area for divots or masked holes by walking the entire site on foot.

2. Test the Lift Beforehand

aerial liftYou should also test the equipment before every use. Check the machinery for quick and efficient responses, and raise and lower the bucket. Don't forget to test the emergency shut-off mechanisms to ensure the safety of the operator and surrounding crew in the event of an accident. If you notice any problems, contact your local repair specialists immediately and avoid using the equipment until it’s fixed.

3. Invest Time In Training

It's also important to invest time in training. While a certification is required to operate an aerial lift, it's also beneficial for everyone who works with or around the equipment. You'll learn best operational practices as well as how to properly test the tool and identify safe working locations. Education is vital to the well-being of the entire team when large machinery is involved.

When you need high-quality, reliable equipment rentals, contact Hamilton Rental Center. From aerial lifts to air compressors, the Butler County company offers a wide variety of affordable rental options, as well as in-house tool sales. Browse their range of tool rentals on their website, and learn more by calling (513) 868-8665.  

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