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Road Construction Expert’s Brief Guide to Pothole Formation August 15, 2017

Kalispell, Flathead
Road Construction Expert’s Brief Guide to Pothole Formation, Kalispell, Montana

Potholes are major road obstacles drivers face every day. Although it seems like these pavement craters appear overnight, the professionals at Valley Excavating know various conditions lead to the damage. Based in Kalispell, MT, their knowledge stems from more than 20 years of experience providing the Flathead County community with road construction and maintenance, land clearing, septic installation, and excavation services. Below, the local road construction specialists share a brief guide to how potholes are formed. 

Understanding Pothole Formation: Road Construction Experts Explain

Water Plays a Key Role

road constructionDuring Montana’s heavy rainstorms, water seeps into the pavement, settling right below the surface. In frigid weather, the liquid expands and freezes, causing the pavement to expand. The extra strain leads to bends and cracks in the ground. 

Warm Weather Makes Matters Worse

Warm weather gives frozen water under the pavement a chance to melt. The ground contracts when this happens, making the road even weaker and causing gaps under the surface.  

Vehicle Weight Contributes to Potholes

Constant expanding and contracting breaks down pavement. The damaged surfaces buckle under the weight of vehicles, causing large chunks to crack and dislodge from the road. If left unattended, weather conditions and constant use will only make the damage worse. During winter, using snow-melting salt kicks the expansion and contraction cycle into gear by lowering the temperature required for water to freeze. 

If the roadways around your Flathead County property are in need of repair or upkeep, or you require site preparation or additional service, the excavating contractors at Valley Excavating are more than happy to meet with you to discuss the project. This way, you’ll feel confident all needs can be met. To schedule a consultation, call (406) 857-2086 today. Visit the road construction company’s website for a complete list of ways they’ll transform your space, and follow their Facebook page for announcements.

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