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Why Twice-a-Year Dentist Visits Are Essential to Children's Oral Health August 25, 2017

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Why Twice-a-Year Dentist Visits Are Essential to Children's Oral Health, Mammoth Spring, Arkansas

Proper oral hygiene can improve your child’s overall health and affect the rest of their life. That’s why pediatric dentists recommend checkups and teeth cleanings every six months. Mammoth Spring Dental Clinic in Arkansas wants every kid in their family dentistry program to visit biannually for an exam, cleaning, X-rays, and fluoride treatment because these efforts will not only prevent cavities but provide other advantages. 

It’s recommended you take your child to their first dental care appointment when they get their first tooth, but it's never too late for them to visit a dentist. Besides performing critical cavity prevention measures, a dentist will evaluate a child’s need for teeth sealants, which coat the molars to ward off tooth decay. A dentist also will review their mouth for signs of damage, disease, and bite or jaw problems.

Dentist Mammoth Spring ARProper brushing and flossing are acquired skills, and it might take a while for your child to do them thoroughly. For this reason, professional teeth cleanings are essential for removing stubborn plaque and protecting their tooth enamel from decay. Checkups also are opportunities for a dentist to instruct your child how to brush and floss properly. 

Regular oral exams that start in early childhood and continue through the teenage years are the best way to establish excellent dental care habits for a lifetime. They not only will prevent future problems but make your child view regular teeth cleanings and exams as essential procedures, regardless of whether they are experiencing dental issues. 

Parents need a quality family dentistry partner to keep their children’s  teeth, gums, and mouth healthy and establish excellent oral health habits. To schedule your child’s first checkup with a compassionate and experienced family dentist, call Mammoth Spring Dental Clinic at (870) 625-3262 or contact them online. Like them on Facebook for more dental care tips.  

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