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3 Ways To Spot FAKE GOLD August 4, 2017

West Nyack, Rockland County
3 Ways To Spot FAKE GOLD, West Nyack, New York

Below, American Coins & Gold lays out the top 3 tips to determine if gold is real or fake, even if you know nothing about gold.  Never get fooled by fake gold again!

Take A Closer Look

Our #1 tip is to closely examine the color.  A lot imageof fake gold has a slightly brown hue to it.  This can be seen as a brown tint over the “gold”.  14k Gold has a very light and soft yellow and as you go higher in Karat the yellow gets deeper and more vibrant.  A great way to spot a fake piece of jewelry is to look very closely and compare it to a gold chain or bracelet you know is real.  Real gold has that ‘bling bling’ look that really catches your eye, while fake gold has a darker brown tint.  A good way to do this test is to take the gold outside into some natural light to see how it truly looks.  When the light shines off of real gold, you can just tell.

Size Matters

When you are looking at a gold chain or bracelet on someone, one of the biggest give aways is the size of the piece.  We all know that gold is expensive.  Even small gold chains around 20 grams sell for over $500 retail.  If a price sounds too good to be true, in the case of gold jewelry it often is.  When in doubt, your best bet is to have a professional examine the gold in question.  Better safe than sorry!

Bust Out The Scale

Gold is bought and sold by the weight, which is measured in gramsimage.  Feel the weight of the gold chain or bracelet in your hand and see if it feels legit.   Fake gold will often be made of various metals which are much lighter than 14k gold.  Real gold has a more dense & heavy feel, especially around your neck or wrist.


Keep in mind the sure way to know if your gold is legit is to have it professionally evaluated. 

 Claim your free appraisal today! > americancoinsandgold.com


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