Hell's Kitchen, New York

Travel Public Relations Firm, A New Travel & Hospitality Pr Agency, Officially Opens August 3, 2017

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Travel Public Relations Firm, A New Travel & Hospitality Pr Agency, Officially Opens, Manhattan, New York

New York, NY – Travel PR & Hospitality Marketing Firm, a new, full-service travel public relations and hospitality digital marketing agency designed for tour operators, travel consolidators, tourist boards, airlines, cruise lines, railroads, and more, this week announced their comprehensive company is officially open for business.

Born from a passion for providing quality, 24-7 public relations support to key players within the massive travel and tourist industries today, Travel & Hospitality PR Firm is poised to work with everyone from car rental servicing companies, to spas, resorts, and remote lodging entities.

“We’re ready to think differently and provide our clients with a new, creative approach to how they curate their public image,” said Diego Molina, Founder, and Owner of LuxuryJourney Public Relations & Digital Marketing. “Adept in the world of public relations, marketing, writing, and content curating, our team is focusing on effective public relations campaigns that are custom tailored to today’s travel sector.”

LuxuryJourney Public Relations & Digital Marketing was founded out of the need to help businesses within the travel and hospitality industry, particularly those that cater to fine-dining restaurants, luxury hotels, spas, and people that enjoy the luxury lifestyle. Through their comprehensive practices, they help their clients reach the maximum amount of people with social media engagement, work with travel influencers, travel bloggers, photographers, event planners, media groups, news outlets, and the list goes on.

Cognizant of the fact that most businesses elect to work with public relations firms, LuxuryJourney is stressing the fact that not all PR firms use the same approach to public awareness. As such, they provide in-depth company analysis to ensure the marketing strategy will yield high returns.

“We’re working with hotels, destinations, and luxury brands to develop a fully integrated campaign,” said Diego Molina. “We ensure that these campaigns reach their absolute full potential in the process. Through our team collaboration and constant communication with the client, we work to achieve better results. Spread the word on the official launch of our new firm, and head on over to our website to learn more about us.”

LuxuryJourney Travel Pr & Digital Marketing is a small, boutique team of individuals with passion and knowledge for the most important aspects of public relations as it relates to travel today. They work to spur growth organically on a local and national scale, with powerful SEO configuration for expanded branding and consumer reach.

About LuxuryJourney Travel Pr & Digital Marketing Agency

LuxuryJourney is a new, full-service travel pr and hospitality digital marketing agency in New York City. They work with brands spanning the entire travel and tourism industries to create a fully integrated marketing strategy. To date, LuxuryJourney has worked with fine-dining restaurants, travel consolidators, tourist boards, airlines, cruise lines, railroads, and more. They specialize in content marketing, social media, organic campaigns, and SEO for hotels, spas, and customers who enjoy the luxury lifestyle.

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1177 Avenue of the Americas, 5th Floor,
New York City, NY 10036
Email: info@travelpublicrelationsfirm.com
Phone: 646-820-9558

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