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Crate and Barrel in the Gateway Market of Austin, Texas is located on Research Blvd. We're a modern furniture store with high quality bed frames, amazing rugs, interesting curtains and more. If you're looking for a furniture store in Gateway, you're in luck.

Build Your Own Cozy Fall Nook August 3, 2017

Gateway, Austin
Build Your Own Cozy Fall Nook, Austin, Texas

There’s nothing quite like sweater weather. Deep, bright colors, leaves drifting down in the wind, the refreshing brisk in the air after months of summer heat… and there’s no better way to enjoy it from the comfort of your own personal nook. Crate&Barrel has just added over a thousand more modern furniture items to give your home décor that cozy autumn feel.  

Fall Home Décor Ideas

FallModern Furniture is all about rusticity. The natural brown and tan colors of wooden furniture capture the presence of naked trees and comfortably cold weather. Imagine you’re sitting on a bench watching the leaves fall: you’re seeing the harvest of vegetables — all sorts of earthen tones, warm oranges, yellows, and reds. Don’t hold back from creating crispy tableaus of autumn fare — what says fall like a wooden table decorated with clay pots and pumpkins? Rustic modern furniture brings the right combination of minimalism and color to make your living room pop. Don’t forget to tie it together with a wool blend area rug filled with orange and black.

The Right Set of Modern Furniture Is Here

Enjoy this fall in style with the amazing new furniture options from Crate&Barrel. Find your local source for the best in modern furniture and start planning your dream harvest scene.

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