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Gel Versus Mousse: Which Hair Products to Use August 30, 2017

San Antonio, Bexar
Gel Versus Mousse: Which Hair Products to Use, San Antonio, Texas

Are you thinking about changing your look? If you’re interested in a hairstyle that’s completely different from what you’re used to, you might not know which hair products you should use. While there are multiple types to choose from, the two most popular options are gel and mousse. Both do a wonderful job of transforming your tresses, but to get the results you want, you need to know how they differ and when you should use them. 

How to Choose Between Gel & Mousse

What Is Hair Gel & When Should You Use It?

Hair gel is a jelly-like substance used for structured styling. You can choose from different strength options, such as a light hold or a strong one. The type you should use depends on the thickness of your hair and how well you want it to stay in place.

Gel is a great product to use if you have a specific hairstyle that you want to hold its shape, such as a mohawk or spikes. It also does a great job taming frizz to give you a polished, put-together appearance. However, it causes the hair to become stiff when it dries, and it can produce flakes. Additionally, if it isn’t applied correctly, it can make your hair look clumpy. For the best results, only apply a small amount, and thoroughly comb it through to make it look as natural as possible.

What Is Mousse & When Should You Use It?

hair productsMousse is a hair product made from a variety of different chemical compounds, including alcohol, oils, and polymers. The oils moisturize your hair, while the polymers give it volume. Mousse also does a wonderful job eliminating frizz, and it can be used on any length of hair.

Because it has a lighter hold, it’s ideal for those who desire a more natural-looking hairstyle. It doesn’t weigh down hair, so it can give volume to short or fine tresses. However, because it doesn’t hold its shape, it doesn’t work well when styling short hair into a specific style. For the best results, apply the mousse when your hair is wet, starting at the roots. After it’s been combined through the length of your locks, blow dry your entire head.


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