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Everything You Need to Know About Bedbugs August 15, 2017

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Everything You Need to Know About Bedbugs, Mooresville, North Carolina

A bedbug infestation can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. According to the professionals at Acme Pest Control, it’s important to understand these pests and how they spread to prevent the issue from occurring in your home. Serving residents throughout Concord, NC, the premier extermination company provides a wide range of residential and commercial services to treat infestations such as rodents, roaches, insects, and other pests.

Below, the pest control experts discuss everything you need to know about bedbug infestations.

What Are Bedbugs?

bedbugsBedbugs are tiny, wingless insects that feed on the blood of animals and people. They are named bedbugs because they are typically found in mattresses and bedding. While they don’t spread any actual diseases, they can cause severe itching and allergic reactions in people.

What Are the Signs I Have Bedbugs in My Home?

The most common sign of bedbugs is red, itchy bumps on your skin. You may find these bites in small clusters or straight rows around your arms and shoulders or on other parts of your body. Other signs include fecal stains on your bed sheets or walls, as well as a musty odor caused by the release of pheromones.

How Do They Spread?

Bedbugs are most commonly spread by mattress, bedding, luggage, and suitcases, as they hide in the seams and folds. To prevent them from spreading, it’s important to remove any trace of them in your home. You will need to vacuum every inch and crevice of your furnishings, throw out all of your bedding, and change the vacuum bag after each use.

If you have a bedbug infestation in your home and need a dependable exterminator, you can count on the professionals at Acme Pest Control. Call (704) 786-4166 to speak with a representative or visit their website for more information about their comprehensive list of services.

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