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Botox™ for the Boys: They Can Do It Too! August 25, 2017

Forestville, Anderson
Botox™ for the Boys: They Can Do It Too!, Anderson, Ohio


Botox™ and facial fillers don’t carry a pseudo “Women’s Only” label anymore. As the world of men’s fashion and beauty continues to grow, more and more medical spa services are now catering to the male population. Everyone gets wrinkles and dark spots as they get older, so why shouldn’t everyone take advantage of the plethora of anti-aging treatments and natural beauty enhancing services?

Multiple sources report that the number of males receiving Botox treatments has nearly tripled in recent years. Cleverly coined as “Brotox,” men are taking more proactive steps to maintain and enhance their appearance. Younger, healthier looking skin can give men more confidence, making them more successful in both personal and professional relationships.

botox and facial fillersBotox is also a great quick fix for busy men on the go. They can easily book an appointment on a lunch break and come back revitalized and rejuvenated. Results only take up to a week, and they can last up to six months.

With all the amazing benefits of minimally invasive facial enhancements, Botox is another way to stay ahead of the game all while looking incredibly natural and healthy. This is not necessarily for men to try and look younger; rather, it is to improve their attractiveness by softening or enhancing the features they already have.

Male appearance maintenance services are not only limited to Botox. Many salons are now including male manicure and pedicure options, body waxing and threading, and even laser hair removal treatments. With a multitude of options to increase attractiveness, beauty services that specifically cater to men are revolutionizing the way many people think about salons and spas.


Interested in enhancing your natural looks? Take a trip to Identity Hair Salons & Medical Spas in Cincinnati, OH. They provide a multitude of natural beauty enhancing treatments and medical services to help transform you into your best self. Give them a call at (513) 791-2555 or visit their website for more information on what they offer.

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