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6 Frequently Asked Questions About Balayage August 30, 2017

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
6 Frequently Asked Questions About Balayage, Manhattan, New York

One of the most popular hair coloring techniques in the world today is balayage. It results in a simple, natural, and timeless look that works for just about anybody—and every balayage style is completely unique. Clients of America Hair Style International, a leading salon in New York City, frequently request it.

Here are some of the most common questions they ask about the popular hairstyle, answered:

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Balayage

1. What Is Balayage?

“Balayage” is actually a French word, which describes a sweeping motion. When it comes to women’s coloring, it refers to a dyeing technique that recreates the soft, natural highlights you often find in children’s hair.

2. Is Balayage Right for My Hair Type?

Probably! People with a wide range of hair colors look great with balayage. Even though it’s particularly popular amongst blondes, it works for darker hair too. The only time you wouldn’t want balayage is if you had extremely short hair.

3. How Is It Applied?

Balayage coloring is applied freehand to the surface of your hair. Since it doesn’t saturate all of your hair, it results in a softer effect. Unlike other womens coloring methods, foil is not used.

4. How Is Balayage Different From Other Haircoloring Methods?

balayageSince balayage is applied freehand, your stylist has a lot more control than usual. This allows your new look to be completely customized.

5. Why Is Balayage So Popular?

While the styling technique has actually been around since the 70s, many current celebrities and models have been incorporating balayage into their looks, showcasing just how versatile and natural looking it is.

6. How Much Upkeep Does Balayage Require?

Less than your average hair dye job! One of the great benefits of balayage is that is doesn’t leave a noticeable regrowth line, meaning you can go much longer before your next salon appointment. Just keep using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, and protect your hair from heat like usual.

Request balayage at your next salon visit for a fresh change that will leave your hair looking beautiful. If you’ve been searching for a salon and live close to Hell’s Kitchen, you’ll get great service from America Hair Style International. Call (212) 315-1527 to make an appointment, or visit their website for more information.

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