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Commercial Electrician Explains What to Do When Experiencing Electrical Issues at Your Business August 14, 2017

Davenport, Lincoln
Commercial Electrician Explains What to Do When Experiencing Electrical Issues at Your Business, Davenport, Washington

A well-functioning electrical system is crucial for running any business. As such, when problems arise, it’s important to know when to call a commercial electrician, so you can get back to work as quickly as possible. As local experts on electrical services, the team at Halme Electric and Pump in Davenport, WA, understands the value of knowing how to deal with electrical problems in the workplace. They share the following guide to help you troubleshoot your next electrical issue.

Commercial Electrician: Your Troubleshooting Guide for Businesses

Sudden Power Loss

commercial electricianA sudden power loss during the middle of a busy workday is both frustrating and dangerous. This problem usually occurs when the safety trigger gets tripped because the power load is too high for the breaker. To remedy the issue, try flicking the breaker switch. If the power goes off again later in the day, or if it never comes back on, you’ll need to call a commercial electrician for help.

Sparking Outlets

You might notice sparks flying from electrical outlets when plugging in appliances or turning on machines. This can be caused by a host of issues, including a short circuit or aging electrical components. Trying to fix sparking outlets on your own is dangerous, so reach out to a professional to avoid getting injured.

Flickering Lights

The occasional light flicker isn’t usually a cause for concern—often, it’s simply a sign that the bulb is loose. To handle the problem, turn off the light and gently twist the bulb to tighten it. You don’t need to tighten it with excessive force, but it should fit snugly in the fixture. Turn the light back on to see if the problem has been resolved. If the flickering persists, a faulty connection or voltage fluctuation might be the culprit. 

For professional electrical services in Davenport, WA, contact Halme Electric and Pump. Whether you need a commercial electrician for your business or your home requires electrical repairs, their qualified professionals will be happy to help. Visit them online to learn more about their services, and give them a call at (509) 725-3500 to request an estimate today.