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Why Buying Certified Pre-Owned Apple® Products Is a Wise Choice August 16, 2017

Livonia, Wayne
Why Buying Certified Pre-Owned Apple® Products Is a Wise Choice, Livonia, Michigan

Some people have accidentally spilled water on their cell phone or cracked the screen of their laptop—often when it’s least convenient to rush out and purchase a new one. Today’s technology-focused world demands that everyone have access to at least one working device for work, school, or social relationships. One option to consider if you find yourself without is to purchase a certified pre-owned Apple® product.

Apple continually updates its products, so even the newest iPhone® will soon be outdated. Why spend top dollar for the recently released version when it will be yesterday’s model in a very short time? Instead, opt for a pre-owned device. You’ll spend less and still have many of the same great features. When purchasing a new phone for your teen or tween, it simply makes sense to start them out with a less expensive design. If it becomes lost or is damaged, it can be more easily replaced.

Apple® productIf you decide to purchase a used Apple product instead of going the route of computer repair or cell phone repair, it is important to first consider your source. Craigslist®, eBay®, and other online sites may be fine for non-technology-related items. But purchasing a used Apple device or any other computer product online is risky. You don’t know if the item has been thoroughly tested, or why the current owner wants to get rid of it. When you choose a certified pre-owned device from a reputable retailer, you can see the product and ensure it has been inspected and functions properly.


Experimac Livonia in Wayne County, MI, stands by its certified pre-owned Apple products, offering a 90-day repair or replace warranty. You can also return your product for a full refund within seven days of purchase. Call them at (734) 469-4681 or visit their website to see what’s in the inventory today.

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