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Try These Beers During Your Next Visit to the Sports Bar May 17, 2018

Central Business District, Cincinnati
Try These Beers During Your Next Visit to the Sports Bar, Cincinnati, Ohio

Instead of always ordering the same beer, it can be fun and rewarding to branch out and discover new delights. With some knowledge from a local beer specialist, you’ll be excited to sample a new, tasty beverage. Located in Cincinnati, OH, Kitty's Sports Grill is the sports bar locals love the most. With great happy hour deals, the downtown bar is the perfect place to learn about new beers and wash them down while you watch the game. To boost your knowledge, the sports bar staff is providing a rundown of three major types of beer. 

Sample These 3 Beers at Your Favorite Sports Bar

1. Ales

Ales are brewed in warmer temperatures. The result is fruitier, lighter, and naturally sweet. A little of that sweetness is counteracted by a bittering agent, which gives the drink some personality. Generally, ales tend to be darker and more acidic, while having several hidden notes. Popular types include pale and brown ales. 

2. Lagers

sports barUnlike ales, lagers are brewed in colder temperatures and using a different kind of yeast, making for a distinct drink. Smooth and crisp, lagers are sought after all across the world. They are stored for long periods of time, resulting in a classic beverage you have to try. 

3. Stouts

Less common than ales and lagers, stouts are nevertheless a delicious and fun type of beer to try. You can often recognize a stout by its substantial, cream-filled head and the hints of flavor reminiscent of coffee. Their dark character comes from barley. Named for their imposing character, this is not a light beer by any stretch of the imagination. 

The next time you’re visiting Ohio’s top sports bar, make it a point to explore their excellent beer selection. You can find out what they have on tap by calling Kitty’s Sports Grill at (513) 421-8900. Learn more about the bar by visiting their website

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