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4 Home Fire Hazards You Shouldn’t Ignore  August 24, 2017

Long Island City, Queens
4 Home Fire Hazards You Shouldn’t Ignore , Queens, New York

Thanks to flame-retardant materials and improved safety practices, fires are less common and significantly less destructive than they used to be. However, the United States still suffers over 1,298,000 fires every year, resulting in thousands of deaths and injuries and over $11 billion in damages. Many of these fires could have prevented by paying attention to some commonly overlooked fire hazards.

4 Home Fire Hazards to Never Ignore

1. Overheating Laptops

All electronics generate heat, and laptops are no exception. Blankets, couches, and other soft surfaces can easily block airflow through the device, causing heat to build up and possibly ignite. These fires spread quickly, but they can be prevented by keeping your laptop on a table or desk.

2. Dirty Dryer Vents

firesThe lint from your dryer may seem harmless, but it’s actually flammable. Over time, this material can build up inside your dryer vent, eventually sparking a fire that spreads inside your wall. To be safe, have your dryer duct and vent cleaned at least once a year.

3. Heating Pads & Electric Blankets

When used properly, heating pads and blankets are safe. Unfortunately, if left alone on a high setting, they can be extremely hazardous. Always follow the directions when using one of these devices and unplug them as soon as you’re finished with it.

4. Outdated Appliances

Old appliances typically have loose wiring, failing insulation, and were not originally designed to modern specifications. If your appliances are old, check the wiring regularly, and have them replaced at the first sign of trouble.


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