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Full-Service Car Wash Explains Why to Clean Stains Immediately August 22, 2017

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Full-Service Car Wash Explains Why to Clean Stains Immediately, Goshen, New York

As soon as your car leaves the garage, it is exposed to harmful external elements, including ones that cause stains and diminish its look. If left for too long, these can permanently damage your car’s paint job. Getting a regular full-service car wash can save you from having to repaint your vehicle down the line.

Here’s what happens when various stains are not cleaned off immediately:

  • Tree Sap: If you park under a tree without any cover, sticky tree sap can get on your car. Leaving it long enough will make it difficult to remove, especially once it dries up. The substance can also create a rough patch on the paint’s surface.

  • full service car washBird Droppings: This stain is acidic and can wear paint down if it isn’t removed right away. Car paint softens under the heat of the sun and tends to mold itself around the droppings. When the temperature drops and the paint hardens, what’s left is a dull color.

  • Spilled Gas: Fuel stains that go untreated for too long may become impossible to remove. They can seep into the top coat of the paint and eat away the wax and layers underneath. As a result, the surface can lose its shine, leaving unsightly blemishes.

  • Water Spots: These occur when hard water is left on the surface, such as when your car is not dried completely after washing or going through a rainstorm. If left untreated, water spots can cause lasting damage to your vehicle’s paint due to the minerals they contain.

  • Bugs: You’ll undoubtedly run into some insects as you drive. If you wait too long before having them removed, they’ll leave acidic stains that eat away at your car’s paint. The etched stains can leave behind unsightly blemishes and a dull-looking surface.

Give your vehicle a regular full-service car wash at Warwick Car Wash Oil Express or Goshen Car Wash Oil Express to remove any accumulated stains that could potentially damage your paint. In addition to keeping your car running smoothly via wheel alignments, brake repair, and other vitals services, the Orange County, NY, company will help your ride look like new. Call the Warwick location at (845) 986-9966, contact the Goshen location at (845) 294-2488, or visit their website today for additional information.

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