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Dimmitt Well Inspection Professionals Share 3 Signs You Need Windmill Repair August 10, 2017

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Dimmitt Well Inspection Professionals Share 3 Signs You Need Windmill Repair, Dimmitt, Texas

These days, a variety of homes and farms choose to power their water wells the old fashioned way, with a windmill that harnesses mother nature’s natural energy. Since windmills play such an important part in the water well process, maintaining this piece of machinery is crucial. That’s why locals throughout Dimmitt, TX, depend on Conyers Well Service. As experienced drilling contractors, they provide a myriad of services from well inspection to windmill repair. When new customers dealing with windmill issues reach out, they often discuss signs they need repairs.  

3 Signs It’s Time for Windmill Repair

Rotor Issues

Well InspectionThe rotor of your windmill is the center portion that’s also commonly referred to as a propeller. When it isn’t functioning properly, your blades might not move easily. When you notice slow-moving blades, call a repair expert. 

Well Problems

If a windmill is being used to power your water well, you should have access to all the water you need for watering crops, feeding animals, and enjoying a comfortable living. When this isn’t the case, issues may be connected to your windmill as opposed to your actual water well. 


Most importantly, windmills do have a life span. Your windmill should be serviced on a regular basis to ensure it’s in great shape. After a decade or so, the elements can cause problems since your windmill is dealing with extreme weather conditions, UV light, and debris at all times. When it’s time for your next well inspection, have them evaluate your windmill as well to determine if replacement is best. 

Do you need assistance with windmill repair, well inspection, or water treatment in the Greater Dimmitt area? Call Conyers Well Service today at (806) 647-3215 to schedule your next appointment. For more information on how this well drilling contractor can keep your property running strong, check out their website

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