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How New Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Can Refresh Your Culinary Space August 22, 2017

North Corbin, Laurel
How New Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Can Refresh Your Culinary Space, North Corbin, Kentucky

The idea of undergoing a complete kitchen renovation is often a bit daunting. If you’re interested in changing the appearance of your culinary space but don’t want to commit to a remodeling project, you can do so easily by simply replacing the existing hardware on your kitchen cabinets with something new and refreshing.

It may seem like a small detail, but cabinets play a major role in your kitchen’s overall appearance. Here are some options to consider when changing the hardware:

  • Style: What’s your style preference?                                                    That’s the first point you’ll want to consider when you begin searching for new kitchen cabinet hardware. There are many options available, ranging from sleek and modern to quaint and traditional. You’ll even find quirky, colorful, and unusual styles in the mix. Consider the overall look of your kitchen, and use that as your guide. Remember that certain styles play well together, while others may not be perfect matches.
  • Shape: Many homeowners focus on shape last, but it’s also an important factor to consider when shopping for new hardware. Do you prefer a simple round knob to open your cabinets, or would a lean, rectangular pull serve your style and needs better? Take the family’s needs and preferences into consideration here. Of course, the handle shape can also contribute to the kitchen’s vibe. Some are surprisingly elegant — don’t be surprised to come across a vine- or leaf-shaped knob!
  • Finish: A handsome finish can amplify the look of your cabinets without much effort. Is your kitchen sleek and modern? You might appreciate the brightness of brushed chrome. Do you prefer an old-world look? Your kitchen cabinets will stand out with aged brass hardware. Matte presents a more contemporary look if you’re trying to give your kitchen a timely update.


Adding new hardware to your kitchen cabinets is one of the easiest ways to revamp the room. And you can get all the products you need at Surplus Sales. With locations in Elkton, Corbin, and Paducah, the company is the the leading source of home improvement products in southern Kentucky. If you’re in the midst of a kitchen makeover, shop their vast selection of cabinets, granite countertops, and even hardwood flooring. You can easily create the kitchen of your dreams! Visit their website or call (606) 523-9166 to learn more.

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