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Exploring the Limitations of Liability Insurance August 29, 2017

Amherst, Lorain
Exploring the Limitations of Liability Insurance, Amherst, Ohio

Liability insurance helps protect you in the event of someone being injured on your property or in a car accident. Because there are a lot of ins and outs of this particular insurance, it is important you have a solid understanding of what your policy covers — or doesn’t cover. Your insurance agent can walk you through the specifics and help ensure the coverage meets your individual needs.

To better understand these specifications, consider the following points:

  • Vehicles: If one of your vehicles has liability insurance on it, then you have to put it on all of your vehicles. All the vehicles are also required to have the same liability amounts on them. If you put $25,000 on one, then all your other vehicles must also have $25,000. liability insurance
  • Minimums: Each state has their own individual laws in relation to how much liability insurance you are required to have in place. If the state has a minimum of $50,000 required, you aren’t allowed to go lower than that. Your insurance agency knows what the minimums are, so they can work to make sure you get what you need without going against the state laws.
  • Filings: Liability insurance is a must when filing a claim for a commercial auto insurance policy. Make sure to discuss the type of insurance needed when speaking with your agent.
  • Trailers: If you have extra trailers on your property, then you will be charged a flat fee for your insurance. This allows you to cover all of your trailers without having to spend a fortune insuring each individual one.

It’s important that you know what you are getting in a new insurance policy. Spend time talking with the team at Jenkins & Bevin Insurance in Loraine County, Ohio, about your individual needs. As the area’s most trusted insurance company, they’ll make sure you have the best plan to fit your lifestyle and budget. You can visit them online for more information, or call (440) 984-6771 to speak with one of their friendly team members.

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