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3 Signs You Need A Hearing Test August 10, 2017

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3 Signs You Need A Hearing Test, Kerrville, Texas

Should you start getting regular hearing tests? Although many people assume that hearing loss is only something that seniors struggle with, hearing problems are common—especially if it runs in your family or you have spent years working around loud pieces of machinery. Here are three signs you need a hearing test.

You Are Frightened Easily 

hearing testDoes it ever seem like people are always sneaking up on you? One of the first symptoms of hearing loss is not being able to hear some of the more quiet, ambient noises, like people walking into your office or answering nearby telephones. Think about the last time you were startled and how it happened. If you can tell that people aren’t scaring you intentionally, it might be time to have your hearing checked.

You Ask People to Repeat Themselves

Hearing loss can also make it difficult to make out what people are saying when you are in the middle of a conversation, which is why you might find yourself asking others to repeat themselves frequently. Some people with hearing loss notice that understanding others is more difficult in noisy places or where other people are talking nearby.

You Struggle With Ringing in Your Ears

Ringing in your ears, also called tinnitus, can be caused by reduced inner ear nerve activity or spontaneous signals that are sent to the brain. Tinnitus can range from occasional problems to the constant sound of ringing, making it hard for people to think or sleep. Since tinnitus is strongly linked to hearing loss, you should report the problem as soon as you notice it.


Do you feel like your hearing has suffered over the years? The professionals at Solbrig Hearing Center in Kerrville, TX, understand how frustrating it can be to cope with hearing changes, which is why they offer a wide range of hearing aids, amplified telephones, and other listening devices. From initial hearing tests to existing hearing aid repair, these experts can help you to live without worrying about your hearing. For more information about their services, visit their website or call (830) 895-5900.

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