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A Family Law Expert's Tips for Protecting Your Rights During a Divorce August 25, 2017

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A Family Law Expert's Tips for Protecting Your Rights During a Divorce, Dothan, Alabama

Many divorces are unfortunately handled with contempt, and while family law aims to protect both parties, rights infractions can occur. The Law Office of Peter A. McInish, LLC in Dothan, AL, says there are essential steps to take to protect yourself during a divorce. This will create a more favorable outcome and ensure you don’t lose what you’re entitled to due to mistruths and unfair treatment.

A Family Law Attorney’s Top 3 Tips for Safeguarding Your Rights 

1. Hire a Divorce Attorney

Before doing anything, contact a divorce attorney. Family law and the divorce process are extremely difficult to navigate, and you may already be subject to rights violations you aren’t aware of. Having a lawyer will ensure you’re represented and protected, and they’ll know how to identify and address any future infractions.

2. Suspend Joint Financial Accounts

family lawVengeance is an unfortunate side effect of divorce, and your ex-spouse may attempt to liquidate your accounts. Massive withdrawals and excessive charges on credit cards can quickly create a financial crisis, so put an immediate freeze on any accounts you share. This will keep your funds safe until the asset distribution phase, when money and debts can be fairly distributed between you and your ex.

3. Contact Character Witnesses

If you’re facing a child custody battle in a family law court, your spouse may try to defame you to gain custody. To protect yourself from this, you and your divorce attorney should bring character witnesses into the courtroom. Find friends and family who can attest to how loving and caring you are. Favorable memories, stories, and physical evidence can all be powerful for proving you’re capable and deserve custody.

If you’re going into a divorce, turn to the legal team at The Law Office of Peter A. McInish, LLC. They offer a variety of legal services and will ensure you’re treated fairly throughout the divorce process. Call (334) 671-2555 today to schedule a consultation with a family law attorney, and visit their website to learn more about their firm.

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