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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Heating System August 10, 2017

Smith Hill, Providence
3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Heating System, Providence, Rhode Island

With little need to heat your home during the warm summer months, now is an ideal time to replace your old boiler and invest in an updated heating system. But what’s in it for you, especially if your boiler isn’t currently malfunctioning? The experienced technicians at Driver’s Plumbing & Mechanical Inc. in Rhode Island’s Greater Providence region share their top reasons for bidding your aging boiler goodbye.

3 Reasons to Invest In a New Heating System  

1. Increased Cost-Effectiveness

New, updated boilers can operate with 98.5% efficiency as opposed to more dated units, which function with 56% and 70% efficiency. Therefore, modern heating systems, especially gas heating solutions, more sufficiently utilize fuel to warm your home or business, making them a better long-term, cost-saving investment.

2. Resale Advantages

heating systemsIf you’re considering selling your property, remember that buyers are often wary of homes with old boilers, particularly those that are oil-fueled and, as a result, less energy- and cost-efficient. If the price of a replacement isn’t within their budget, prospective homeowners may request that you lower your asking price. Your refusal to negotiate could be a deal-breaker for buyers, causing them to hunt for homes with more modern gas heat installation.

3. Quieter Living Conditions

Many out-of-date boilers experience mechanical issues, often resulting in loud, disruptive clanging sounds that can disturb your previously peaceful home or office environment. Newer boilers, however, run more quietly than dated heating systems and updated, more energy-efficient gas units operate at even lower volumes than their oil-burning counterparts.

While it might seem simpler to run your current boiler until it stops working, a proactive heat system upgrade is not only cost-effective but also provides fuel efficiency and improved comfort. No one knows this better than Driver’s Plumbing & Mechanical Inc. As a trade ally with the National Grid since 1993 and a Value Plus Installer, Josh Driver’s technicians are experts at handling any plumbing or oil-to-gas conversion project for single-family residences, churches, and small businesses. Visit their company website or call (401) 272-5851 to learn about their services and offerings. 

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