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What Is the Proper Way to Store Your Trumpet? August 22, 2017

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What Is the Proper Way to Store Your Trumpet?, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Unlike some instruments, trumpets require specialized care because they’re made of brass, which can be sensitive and easily damaged if you’re not careful. For this reason, Tulsa Band & Guitars in Oklahoma stresses the importance of proper storage. They want to help you keep your trumpet safe and sound, so they’ve provided you with a few first-class tips for placing it into storage. 

If you need to store your trumpet for one reason or another, follow these three tips to keep it in great condition: 

Store It in a Climate-Controlled Area 

Brass instruments, like trumpets, can be especially susceptible to changes in temperature, which is why it’s important to store them in a location that is climate-controlled. Moisture in the air and bacteria present on your trumpet can quickly lead to rust and corrosion; keeping it in a dry, cool place is extremely important. 

Store It in a Case

trumpetTrumpets come with hard cases for a reason: to keep them protected, even in harsh conditions. Your plush-lined instrument case isn’t just for show, it prevents dirt and debris from collecting on your instrument, reduces moisture, and protects it from being bumped or dented. The valves of your trumpet are particularly delicate, which is why always storing it in its case is key. 

Clean It Before Putting It Away

Properly cleaning and lubricating your trumpet before storing it can prevent oxidation or corrosion buildup. One of the most common trumpet issues created by improper storage is valve freezing, which can be easily prevented by bringing in your instrument for a professional cleaning before storing it away.

For more helpful trumpet storage and maintenance tips, don’t hesitate to call the instrument professionals from Tulsa Band & Guitars today at (918) 663-3210. You can also like them on Facebook for regular updates about their instrument rental services. 

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