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Kensington’s Fog Light Pros Offer a Guide to Safely Driving Through Fog August 11, 2017

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Kensington’s Fog Light Pros Offer a Guide to Safely Driving Through Fog, Kensington, Connecticut

Driving on a particularly foggy night can be anxiety-inducing and potentially dangerous for you and all of your passengers if you’re unfamiliar with how to adjust. With some guidance from a noted safety light specialist, you will learn exactly what to do when driving through fog. Located in Kensington, CT, Amber & White Safety Lights has emerged as a major ally for drivers. Providing everything from fog lights to flashing emergency lights, the experts will help you prepare for many tricky situations. 

Here are three tips for heading through the fog with your car. 

  • fog lightsGo Slow: In a heavy fog, your visibility is likely to be severely impaired, meaning it’s better to proceed with caution. Since it will be harder to anticipate turns, other cars, and stop signs, it’s wise to give yourself some extra time to process your surroundings. By going slower, you retain a high degree of control in an unpredictable environment. 
  • Don’t Tailgate: When you’re cruising at your normal speed on a clear evening, it’s much easier to anticipate what the car in front of you will do. However, during a foggy evening with little visibility, it’s much more difficult to gauge what is happening ahead of you. Because of the tough conditions, cars are more likely to stop due to uncertainty ahead. If you’re tailgating too closely, you’ll smack right into the next car. By giving yourself ample space, you allow room for error for both you and the other driver. 
  • Acquire Fog Lights: While you may think that your brights are perfect lights to help you see on a foggy night, they can actually be dangerous. The water that makes up fog tends to reflect all nearby light of high intensity, causing your brights to blind you rather than illuminate the road. Instead, you should purchase a set of fog lights, which are specially designed to provide visibility in fog. Armed with these strategic lights, you’ll have much more confidence driving through fog. 

To be fully prepared for any hazy nights, reach out to Amber & White Safety Lights about acquiring some new fog lights. You can speak to a friendly staff member by calling (860) 986-6218. Learn more about the company by visiting their website.