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5 Tips to Keeps your Kids Safe from Heatstroke in Car August 7, 2017

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5 Tips to Keeps your Kids Safe from Heatstroke in Car, Freehold, New Jersey

Summer is one of the most loved seasons with warm weather that makes you want to travel. A lot of people forget that summer comes with extremely hot temperatures that are dangerous to not only you, but most importantly, kids.

When the human body is in the heat, it takes an immense amount of work for your body to remain at an internal temperature of 98.6 degrees. The body commonly becomes dehydrated when working hard to remain cool.

The heat also causes your car to work harder and makes it easier for your car to break down. It is always important to remember to check your fluids in your vehicle to ensure that your car remains cool and functional, as the heat increases.

When the temperature outside is hot, your car can heat up by twenty degrees in just ten minutes. When a car rises to such temperatures, it is enough to permanently harm or kill a baby.

Vehicular Heatstroke

Vehicular heatstroke is when a child is left or trapped inside a car or truck. Out of all vehicular heatstroke cases, 54% of cases are due to the child being forgotten by the caregiver and 28% of the cases are due to children who went into the vehicle on their own.

Permanent injury from heatstroke happens when the internal body temperatures reaches over 104 degrees. When the body reaches 107 degrees, the body is then at risk of death.

It is important to recognize that even in these instances; cooler weather, when your vehicle is parked in a shaded area, when you roll down the window; does little to keep the vehicle cool and to prevent vehicular heatstroke.

Warning Signs

Heatstroke has many warning signs; they may include red, hot and moist or dry skin; no sweating; a strong rapid heartbeat; a slow weak heartbeat; a throbbing headache; dizziness; nausea; confusion, being grouchy or acting strangely. Remember to look for the warning signs of heatstroke when rescuing a victim from a locked or enclosed vehicle.

5 Tips to Prevent Children from Suffering from Vehicular Heatstroke 

  1. Look in the backseat before you lock your car. It is crucial to get in the habit of looking in the backseat of your vehicle before you lock it and walk away. It may seem impossible to forget your child in the car, but if your child is asleep and you are in rush or possibly distracted, it is extremely possible. Never think that leaving your child in the car is not something that will happen to you. 
  2. Leave yourself a reminder. Leave a stuffed animal in your infant’s car seat for when the baby is not in the car. When placing the baby in the car, make sure to put the stuffed animal in the passenger seat so that you have a visual reminder your child is in the vehicle. Other items that are useful to leave in the backseat are your phone, briefcase, or purse.
  3. Make sure to do a routine check. In case someone else is driving your child or if your daily routine has been altered, always check to make sure your child has arrived safely. Set a reminder on your phone to call and check in.
  4. Always keep track of your vehicle’s keys. Three in ten heatstroke deaths happen when an unattended child gains access to a vehicle. Keep your vehicle’s keys out of reach and your vehicle locked. In newer vehicles, keyless entry can create risks for children; calling your vehicle’s manufacturer on ways to keep children from getting into the car when unsupervised is ideal.
  5. Always act to save a life. In the emergency of seeing a child alone in a vehicle, call law enforcement immediately, and try to free the child, if possible. It is not illegal in the state of New Jersey to break the window of a vehicle if a child is locked in the car.

When traveling this summer, make sure to be following these steps to ensure your child is not a victim of vehicular heatstroke. Here at NorthEast Insurance Services, we are always looking to protect your family, friends and others. When the worst happens, we are here to help and protect you. Give NorthEast Insurance Services a call at (732) 972-1771 x1108. 

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