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Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Systems for New Construction August 8, 2017

Pelham, Westchester
Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Systems for New Construction, Pelham, New York

When building a new home, you want a heating and cooling system that’s high-quality, efficient, and comfortable. Mitsubishi Electric has several HVAC systems to choose from that have all these characteristics and more.

Alex Heating & Air Conditioning Corp. of New Rochelle, NY, is a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor and they share some of these great options below:

Horizontal Ducted System

The most recommended Mitsubishi Electric system is the horizontal-ducted system. While it can be difficult to install in an existing home, it is one of the best options for a new build. It can easily be concealed above a ceiling or below a floor and uses whisper quiet technology so you’ll hardly even know it’s there. This HVAC system uses automatic mode changes, which means it slips seamlessly between heating and cooling your home to maintain the perfect temperature.

Wall Mounted System

Control individual zones in your home easily with a system of wall mounted units. This ductless option enables you to conserve energy by not wasting air in large duct networks or unused rooms. Their added filtration features increase your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) and make it more comfortable for those with allergy or respiratory issues. This HVAC system is great for both new and existing homes.

Ceiling Cassette

A ceiling cassette, or suspended system, is also a great option for new homes. This minimalist system fits into a hard or drop ceiling and is easy to maintain. This system also allows you to direct the airflow in your space as desired. The washable filters also improve IAQ and are eco-friendly.

Ducted Air Handler

For larger homes, you may need a ducted air handler. This HVAC system can provide up to three tons of heating and cooling for the larger zones in your home. This system is durable, flexible, and efficient and is perfect for both new builds and as a replacement for old furnaces in existing homes.

Floor Unit

Perfect for cooler climates, Mitsubishi Electric’s floor unit has a hot-start feature that will warm up your space quickly. With multiple power levels, this system can adjust gradually, cooling and warming your space to perfection.

Combine different Mitsubishi Electric systems in your new home for optimum efficiency. Most of these systems also include technological upgrades, like remote access and temperature sensors, to increase its accuracy. Alex Heating & Air Conditioning Corp. can help you not only select the right system for your new home but also install and maintain it. Call them today at (914) 637-0077 and visit their website to learn more.

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