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Laundry Service Answers Fur Cleaning FAQs August 28, 2017

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Laundry Service Answers Fur Cleaning FAQs, Manhattan, New York

Fur clothing is beautiful, classy, and sophisticated. To keep your items looking like new, you must understand how to properly clean them. Washing fur is unlike any other material. To help, Mr. Anthony Cleaners, a top laundry service in New York, NY, has answered the most frequently asked questions regarding the process.

Fur Cleaning FAQs

How Can I Tell When My Fur Needs Cleaning?

Fur requires far less cleaning than an average piece of clothing. This is because, in order to keep it shiny and soft, you must maintain the natural oils on the coat. It is entirely natural and healthy to run your hands over the fur and feel a slight oiliness. Never take your coat to a dry-cleaning service just because of oils. You can tell your fur needs cleaning when you notice other materials collecting in the hairs. This could include dust, pollutants, and airborne particles. 

Can I Clean It Myself?

laundry serviceYour fur clothing is delicate. Cleaning it requires special equipment, materials, and knowledge. Washing it at home can easily destroy the integrity, softness, and gloss. Trust your fur to a professional laundry service. The staff is specifically trained to handle your items, so you are guaranteed a quality service.

How Can I Extend the Life of My Fur?

Always enlisting professional help to clean your fur will extend its longevity. However, you may also purchase special conditioning and glazing alongside your cleanings. These services, performed at a laundry service facility, will help protect the individual hairs of your coat by maintaining a healthy level of oil and repelling outside threats.

How Often Does Fur Require a Professional Cleaning?

A gently used fur that is not exposed to harsh environments may only need a professional cleaning once per year. However, different weather conditions can have negative effects on your clothing. An unusually dry climate can evaporate the fur’s natural oils, causing it to become brittle. On the other hand, a humid environment can lead to rot and mold. Consider having your fur cleaned and conditioned twice yearly if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions. 

Keep your fur beautiful and soft by understanding how to properly clean it. If you need a laundry service, seamstress, or even alterations, consider Mr. Anthony Cleaners. Not only do they provide exceptional dry cleaning, but restoration as well. For more information, visit their website or call (212) 689-8689 today.