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3 Ways a DUI Attorney Will Help Your Case August 11, 2017

Newport, Campbell
3 Ways a DUI Attorney Will Help Your Case, Newport, Kentucky

Getting charged with a DUI or DWI can lead to a number of serious and life-changing consequences, from blemishes on your criminal record to an inability to secure housing, employment, and credit. Your best option when facing charges is to enlist the help of a DUI attorney. They will use their expertise help your case and ensure your rights are protected.

Why You Should Hire a DUI Attorney

1. Negotiate a Plea Bargain

Attorneys are negotiators, skilled in the art of arbitration, persuasion, and compromise. They can identify the aspects of your DUI that may be more open to interpretation, potentially leaving room for a reduced penalty. Your DUI attorney will then negotiate with opposing counsel to see if it's possible for you to plead guilty to a lesser offense, which could benefit you in the long-run; reduced charges and lighter penalties carry less weight on a criminal record.

2. Fighting a DUI Charge

DUI attorneySome defendants may want to fight the charge against them and try to get the entire case dismissed. A DUI attorney will go over the details of your case and try to find gaps in the prosecution's position. This can be challenging, especially if blood or other chemical tests were given at the time of the arrest. But if you submitted to only field testing, or refused testing of any kind, there could be an opportunity for your lawyer to challenge the charges; most types of sobriety field testing are notoriously unreliable.

3. Representation at Trial

If your case reaches the trial phase, you will need an experienced legal professional representing you. Trials tend to be complex and more than a little stressful, but a DUI attorney will make certain everything is managed with great care and respect for the law. Your attorney will prepare you for the court experience, giving you an idea of what to expect and how to answer any questions. Those accused of a DUI should never enter a court trial without some kind of legal representative.


By understanding the ways a DUI attorney will help your case, you can mount the most effective legal strategy for taking on your charges. The DUI and criminal defense lawyers at Berger & Cox, PSC, in Covington serve clients throughout northern Kentucky and greater Cincinnati, OH. Call (859) 491-9088 to schedule a consultation, and visit their website to view their specialties, including civil and criminal law and probates.

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