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5 Access Control Systems to Smartly Secure Your Day Care August 10, 2017

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5 Access Control Systems to Smartly Secure Your Day Care, Moraine, Ohio

The majority of young children these days spend on average 36 hours per week in day care. This means, for a large portion of their week, the day care facility is responsible for ensuring their safety. If you run a day care, one of the best ways you can make the environment a safe place is by installing an access control system—wireless or wired technology that manages who can and cannot gain entry into your establishment and its different areas.

5 Types of Access Control Systems

1. Electronic Keys

These keys are usually in the shape of a standard credit card and are given out to employees to allow them to enter the building in place of a standard key. The difference between these electronic cards and a key is that the former is attributed with a unique code. This allows the business owner to quickly remove access if the card gets lost or the employee discontinues working at the day care.

2. FOB Devices

Similar to an FOB key used with vehicles, these small plastic devices can be used to quickly arm and disarm the security system installed at your day care. They can also be used to unlock doors within the facility or alert the authorities in emergency situations.

3. Biometric or Fingerprint Security Systems

access controlIf you don’t want to worry about employees losing their key cards all the time, then it might be better to consider a biometric security system. These are systems that require permitted personnel to use their fingerprint to gain entry to the building and specific areas throughout. As biometric duplication is practically impossible, you’ll never have to worry about people being inside the day care who are not allowed.

4. Biometric Time Clock Systems

This system is less about controlling who accesses your building and more about ensuring your employees are clocking in and out as they should. Since their time logs in the system will be connected to their specific fingerprints, other team members cannot clock in or out for them.

5. Video & Speaker Systems

A day care has to admit individuals who are not personnel frequently, so you want to know who you are letting in. A video and speaker system attached to entry doors will allow you to monitor visitors and speak with them before allowing them entry. This helps to ensure all the children inside are protected from intruders at all times.


To learn more about each of these access control systems you can have for your day care, contact HSI Security in Dayton, OH, today. They have numerous corporate security options that will help improve the safety of your facility. This includes remote security monitoring, so you can always have eyes on your location. Call them at (937) 479-6628, or visit their website to learn more about the services they offer.

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