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4 Ways to Protect Your Floor During a Winter Move From Becker Movers January 15, 2015

Maplewood, Rochester
4 Ways to Protect Your Floor During a Winter Move From Becker Movers, Rochester, New York

Winter is an especially messy time for your floors, as snow, rain, and dirt can be easily tracked in and out of your home. This makes protecting your floors of the utmost importance during moving day. Offering commercial and residential moving services to customers throughout Rochester, Becker Movers will move you into your new location while respecting your belongings and your floors.

In order to ensure that your floors take as little dirt and moisture as possible, you should take adequate measures to protect them. Take a look at these four tips from Becker Movers:

  • Doormats: Having a place for the movers to wipe their feet will result in less dirt and snow being dragged into your home. Make sure you use a mat designed for the outdoors, as it will dry quickly and accommodate repeated use.
  • Plastic Film: Especially helpful with carpets, plastic films will block all stains, so you won’t need to worry about frustrating cleanup after the move. Most films also come with adhesive backing to keep them from slipping.
  • Wrap Furniture Legs: Unlike carpets, hardwood and tile floors can suffer from scratches by furniture being dropped or dragged. You can avoid this by wrapping table, chair, and couch legs with towels or even socks.
  • Homemade Materials: If you want to save money while you move, old blankets and flattened cardboard boxes offer an improvisational way to protect your floors.

Once you’ve prepared your floors for the big day, you will be ready to transition into your new home or office. For more information on protecting your floors, as well as information on packing supplies and storage, visit Becker Movers online or call (585) 458-5480.

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