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3 Ways a Whole-Home Air Conditioning System Improves Air Quality August 8, 2017

Metropolitan Hill - Beach Street, Boston
3 Ways a Whole-Home Air Conditioning System Improves Air Quality, Boston, Massachusetts

While you can’t see it, the air in your home has a major impact on the health of your family. Whether it's dust, pet dander, or undesirable odors, the air flowing through your house can diminish due to a variety of factors. Trethewey Brothers, a trusted heating and cooling company in Roslindale, MA, explains how a whole-home air conditioning system from Mitsubishi Electric® can make all the difference in your home's air quality.

How a Whole-Home Air Conditioning System Can Improve Air Quality

1. Filtration Systems

air conditioning systemContaminants like dust and pollen affect air quality and trigger allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. A whole-home air conditioner uses a sophisticated filtration system to take out these contaminating particles, leaving your family to breathe cleaner, healthier air. 

2. Deodorizing Effects

With traditional HVAC systems, bad odors from outside can easily infiltrate the home, which can be unpleasant for everyone inside. Whole-home air conditioning systems feature deodorizing filters that recognize and neutralize unsavory smells.

3. Washable Filters

Most air conditioning filters accumulate a significant amount of dirt, leaving owners resistant to cleaning them, despite how crucial the procedure is. Mitsubishi Electric systems, however, feature washable filters — a welcome innovation that makes them easier than ever to clean, resulting in more effective, energy-efficient, and long-lasting air conditioners.

To start experiencing better air quality today, get in touch with the team at Trethewey Brothers. The Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors are licensed to install and repair a full fleet of cutting-edge whole-home air conditioning systems in the Greater Boston area. As a commitment to the community they serve, the staff even offers 24-hour service for urgent situations. Visit the company website or give them a call at (617) 325-3283 to request an appointment today.

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