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3 Multi-Zone Cooling Products to Fix Any Uncomfortable Room August 8, 2017

West Conshohocken, Montgomery County
3 Multi-Zone Cooling Products to Fix Any Uncomfortable Room, West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have at least one room where the temperature doesn’t match up to other parts of the house. In this scenario, the professionals at Unique Indoor Comfort recommend investing in ductless systems that offer multi-zone cooling. Since 1967, this Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor has provided top-tier HVAC solutions to the residents of Conshohocken, PA, and the surrounding areas. Below, they share a list of Mitsubishi Electric® air conditioners ideal for cooling down a single room in the house to your preference.

Mini-Split Ductless Systems

Multi-zone CoolingThese small and sleek air conditioners offer you focused and precise cooling in one part of the house. Installing these wall-mounted units is fairly easy and requires nothing more than a small hole in the wall to connect their indoor and outdoor components. Mini-split ductless systems stand out with their efficient operation and exceptional indoor air quality.

Horizontal Ducted Systems

Relying on less-invasive ductwork, the ideal time to install horizontal ducted options is when you’re getting your home remodeled. These units completely blend in with the decor and create a uniform temperature in all corners of the house.

Ceiling Cassettes

These suspended, ceiling-mounted cooling appliances also fall in the ductless category and can reach a wider area with their multi-directional air flow. Much like the mini-split versions, they’re also comprised of several filter layers and can be easily monitored with a remote.

Consulting your Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor can help you get the most effective multi-zone cooling solution for your home. For the residents of Conshohocken and the neighboring regions, this means placing trust in the products Unique Indoor Comfort offers. Learn more about their premium air conditioners and installation services by calling (610) 825-4400 or visiting their website.

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