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4 Ways Your Life Will Improve With Wireless AC Comfort Controls August 9, 2017

Charleston, Staten Island
4 Ways Your Life Will Improve With Wireless AC Comfort Controls, Staten Island, New York

No matter the weather or climate, your home should always be a comfortable temperature. That means using an efficient cooling and heating system that’s easy to operate. The Mitsubishi Electric Wireless comfort control provides this from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet, and the experts at Breezin HVAC in Staten Island, New York, are here to discuss four key benefits

4 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Cooling & Heating System With Wireless AC Comfort Controls

1. Programming Potential

With a comfort control cooling and heating system, you can set the temperature in each room to change based on a schedule. It’s easy to alter on your phone or tablet, and some systems even allow you to check your air filter conditions on the app so that you know when to change them for optimal efficiency and air quality.

2. Improved Efficiency

Many people turn their AC or heat down when they leave the house, but what happens when you forget? If your cooling and heating system isn’t equipped with wireless comfort control, you’ll have to drive home to change the thermostat. HVAC systems with comfort control can easily be adjusted from anywhere so long as you have wifi, making this emergency errand a thing of the past.

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3. Easy Control

When you’re lounging in bed on the weekend and feel the heat rising, don’t get up from your comfortable spot to change the temperature. Just use your smartphone to turn up the AC so that it’s cool before you even get up to start your day.

4. Optimal Comfort

Most homes have a room or two where the cooling and heating system doesn’t adequately adjust the temperature. These areas are always too cold or too hot. With the multi-zone comfort control, you can keep every room in your home at exactly the temperature you want, mitigating these odd spots so that you can enjoy every square inch of space.

Does it sound like your home could use the switch to wireless comfort control? If so, call Breezin HVAC at (718) 761-2700, or visit their website to learn more about cooling-and-heating-service products for your home.