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3 Menopause Care Tips for Comfort & Relief August 22, 2017

Anchorage County,
3 Menopause Care Tips for Comfort & Relief, Anchorage County, Alaska

Health care priorities change drastically over the course of a woman’s life. For many, menopause is one of the trickiest phases to experience, as it can be uncomfortable and is often treated incorrectly. Proper menopause care starts with a trip to your local women’s health clinic and an in-depth conversation with your gynecologist. Your specialist will then determine what remedies will be most effective for you, as well as what preventative measures you can take to ensure menopause doesn’t disrupt your daily life. 

Below are three helpful and non-invasive menopause care tips all women should try:

  • Keep up a Healthy Lifestyle: When your body starts to change in preparation for menopause, you’ll likely notice more intense premenstrual symptoms. While this is certainly uncomfortable to deal with, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will ease your pain. Eating a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and lean protein will help keep your energy levels stable and provide all the nutrients your body needs to handle the shift. Light exercise on a weekly basis can also alleviate some of your discomfort.
  • menopause careStay in Touch With Your Doctor: During your menopausal years, it’s crucial to have a gynecologist on call who you know and trust. This period of your life can bring symptoms you’ve never experienced before. Rather than simply ignoring them or chalking them up to nature, relay them to a medical professional. Some symptoms that may seem normal—like uterine bleeding—can indicate a much larger problem, and should be treated with specific menopause care tactics. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, inform your doctor right away. 
  • Reduce Stress: Stress is known to exacerbate the symptoms of menopause. Women with severe symptoms should try to reduce their stress levels as much as possible, whether they engage in a fun activity on a regular basis or seek professional help. While it may seem simple, stress reduction can make a huge difference in your ability to fight menopausal discomfort and should be a priority for all women. 


If you’re a resident of Anchorage, AK, in the market for a reliable women’s health clinic, consider Caring For Women. For more than 20 years, this group of established and committed women’s health professionals has provided friendly, personalized service that welcomes women of all ages, making them feel comfortable and encouraging them to take their health into their own hands. For more information, visit them online or call (907) 279-2229.

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