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3 Steps to Take After Storm Damage August 15, 2017

Anchorage, Anchorage County
3 Steps to Take After Storm Damage, Anchorage, Alaska

If you live in an area that’s prone to temperamental weather, you may have experienced a storm or two you weren’t prepared for. Whether your roof is a little worse for the wear or your fencing has caved in, you will benefit from some professional repairs. Mountain Ridge Construction in Anchorage, AK, offers a plethora of general contracting services that can help your home stand up to the elements. They share three repair steps to take after you experience storm damage.

General Contracting Team Shares What to Do After a Storm

1. Assess the Damage

Document signs of damage via photographs and written claims. Search for and save online news stories about the storm so you can link your case to the exact day it occurred. Additionally, determine if your home is still safe to live in. If you suspect that the structural integrity has been compromised, leave your home immediately and stay with a friend or at a hotel.

2. Contact Your Insurance Company

general contractingHome insurance often covers payment of storm damage, and how much they’ll offer depends on your specific policy. A claims assessment officer will come to your home to assess damages and make quotes. When this happens, request that your general contractor is on site to make sure the adjuster lists fair, market prices.

3. Vet Your Contractor

Before a general contracting business begins repairing the storm damage on your property, make sure they have the necessary documents. Ask to see their license and insurance, and draft a contract together that outlines what work will be done, an expected timeline, and a budget that covers time, labor, and materials.

Recovering from a storm can take time. If you’re a resident of Alaska’s Cook Inlet, let the general contracting team at Mountain Ridge Construction help you restore your home. For more information about their available services and offerings, visit their website, and call (907) 351-6403 to request a quote.

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