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5 of the Most Common Causes of Blocked & Clogged Drains August 10, 2017

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5 of the Most Common Causes of Blocked & Clogged Drains, Elyria, Ohio

Is water backing up in your kitchen sink or making a gurgling sound in your toilet? These are some of the most common signs of a clogged drain, according to plumbers. While the experienced plumbing contractors at Passanisi Services in Elyria, OH, are always available to help unclog your bathroom and kitchen drain before they cause further problems, they are also eager to help you prevent damage before it starts.

5 Common Causes of Clogged Drains 


If you share a shower, you know how easily tresses get clogged in the drain. While losing some hair while you wash is inevitable, it does not decompose easily. This makes it one one of the most common culprits in everyday drain blockages. Avoid plumbing problems in your home by purchasing an inexpensive filter or strainer at your grocery or department store. Clean it out weekly to keep your shower clean and the drains clear. 

clogged drainGrease 

Pouring cooking grease down your kitchen drain is never recommended by plumbers. The thick, gooey substance coats the inside of your drains over time, causing blockages that are difficult to get rid of. Avoid an emergency call to the plumbing contractor by pouring the grease into a container with a lid and throwing it in the trash. 

Paper Products 

Regular ply toilet paper will not clog your drain, but other paper items will. This includes cardboard, wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, thick ply toilet tissue, and facial tissues. Prevent plumbing problems by throwing all paper products aside from toilet paper in your garbage bin. 

Vegetable Peels 

While you may think vegetable peels are biodegradable and therefore, acceptable to send down the drain, they can still cause clogs. Potato and cucumber peels are difficult for garbage disposals to break down, which means they are left in the pipes, which eventually block them. Throw all peels and food items in the trash. You can also prevent excess food waste from entering your plumbing by adding a strainer to your kitchen sink. 

Kids’ Toys 

Curious kids can inadvertently (or purposely!) send small toys down the toilet or sink. Plumbing contractors regularly find tiny trucks and dolls in pipes during emergency calls for major blockages. If you have small children, keep the toilet seats down and insert drain filters in each sink. This will help keep the chance of accidents to a minimum. 

By taking steps to prevent these items from going down the drain, you can keep your plumbing clear and the household running smoothly. To receive fast service for a clogged drain in the event of a mishap, call Passanisi Services in Elyria, OH, at (440) 984-2322. For information about their air conditioning and heating services, visit the website or follow them on Facebook

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