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3 Benefits of Managing your Ductless AC With the Kumo Cloud™ App August 7, 2017

Freeport, Hempstead
3 Benefits of Managing your Ductless AC With the Kumo Cloud™ App, Hempstead, New York

An advantage of installing the best ductless AC system is the ability to manage it via an app on your phone or tablet. Elm Air Conditioning Corporation has seen the advantages of the Mitsubishi® Electric’s air conditioning system in Freeport, NY, firsthand. They want to help you understand the benefits of using the Kumo Cloud™ app with this state-of-the-art AC system.

3 Advantages of the Kumo Cloud App

1. Easy to Set Up

The initial setup is intuitively designed to get you up and running within minutes. You can even pair your app with Bluetooth®. The app is also compatible with most wireless routers, allowing you to integrate it with your existing wireless network.

2. Easy to Use

ductless ACWith this app, you can manage your air conditioning system anytime and anywhere. The intuitive display tells you what the temperature is for each zone in the house. You can adjust it quickly and instantly, and you can program the wireless thermostat to run at specified times.

3. Secure & Transferable

Security is important for preventing unauthorized access to your AC unit. The Kumo Cloud app uses Secure Boot to keep your data inaccessible to others. But if you end up selling your home down the road, it’s easy to transfer ownership with the app. This helps the next homeowners enjoy the advantages of their ductless AC.

Are you interested in learning more about ductless AC systems? Give the staff at Elm Air Conditioning Corporation a call at (516) 377-3200 and ask about Mitsubishi Electric’s HVAC systems. They provide expert installation and service in Nassau and Suffolk County, NY. These Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors are proud of their impeccable customer service. Visit their website to read their testimonials. 

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