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3 Revitalizing Reasons to Get a Warm Stone Massage September 11, 2017

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3 Revitalizing Reasons to Get a Warm Stone Massage, Wood-Ridge, New Jersey

Nothing induces relaxation like a trip to a day spa. Whether you’re on vacation or indulging in much-needed “me time,” there’s always a good reason to book a warm stone massage. This luxurious treatment takes the benefits of a standard massage and elevates the experience to new heights, providing fantastic benefits.

3 Reasons You Need a Warm Stone Massage

1. Improve Circulation

Poor circulation can lead to everything from muscle tension to fluid retention. It’s often a result of underused or fatigued muscles. When warm stones are placed on areas with insufficient circulation, blood flows to them and muscles become more limber. A massage delivers oxygen to those places and reduces discomfort.

2. Ease Stress

Warm stone massage Wood-Ridge, NJWhen someone books a massage, it’s often because they’ve had a long week at work or just want to clear their head. Massages have an almost hypnotic effect because they ease tension in the body. The warmth of the stones enhances that benefit and works in concert with the repeated massaging motions to loosen tight spots, slow a rapid heart rate, and even reduce high blood pressure. There’s a strong correlation between a tense body and stressed mind, but a soothing massage offers relief.

3. Relax Muscles

Tight, stiff muscles can make a standard massage feel painful in some cases. A warm stone massage reduces that discomfort because the heat helps tense muscles relax gradually. This spa treatment can alleviate pain from mild sports or overuse injuries.

If you’re tired of dealing with aching muscles and want to give treat yourself to an extraordinary experience, request a warm stone massage at your next visit to a day spa. It’s a wonderful way to introduce something new to your self-care routine.


Oasys Day Spa is the leading source of comforting spa treatments in Wood-Ridge, NJ. If you’re seeking relief from tired, aching muscles and a stressful lifestyle, book a warm stone massage at this cozy retreat. Visit their website to learn about their services and call (201) 728-4212 to schedule a facial or massage. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for updates about spa specials.

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