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4 Ways to Help Your Loved Ones With Alzheimer’s August 11, 2017

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4 Ways to Help Your Loved Ones With Alzheimer’s , Albemarle, North Carolina

When you find out your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, determining how to best care for them is difficult. There are various ways you can help them maintain a sense of independence, receive care, and stay safe. Dr. Ann R. Brewer dba Piedmont Neurology has helped patients in Albemarle, NC, find the right neurological care for more than 25 years.

Here, she explains the best ways you can help someone who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s:

1. Prioritize Their Safety

When someone begins to lose their memory, safety becomes a concern. Set up an appointment with both your loved one and a neurologist to openly discuss what they should and shouldn’t be doing. For instance, is it still okay for them to drive? You and your family will have peace of mind once you know the immediate concerns to address.

2. Maintain Their Independence

Though your loved one may want to live life on their own terms, an Alzheimer's or dementia diagnosis can mean day-to-day tasks will change. During the transition, ask what matters most to them. Is living at home important? If so, support their request by hiring an in-home caregiver. Small gestures can make all the difference.

3. Talk Through Emotions

After the diagnosis, it’s important to work through the stages of denial and fear and learn constructive ways to manage stress or anger about the future. Good communication is key to providing support. Be patient, but if the depression and anxiety persist, a doctor can suggest some healthy coping mechanisms.

4. Build a Support System

Alzheimer’sAbove all, show your family member they are loved and supported. Encourage friends to check in, bring relatives over, and find a quality health care team. A neurologist, caregiver, and family doctor who all work to improve their well-being will make them more comfortable.

If you’re searching for an experienced and compassionate neurologist in Albemarle, NC, Dr. Ann R. Brewer dba Piedmont Neurology prides herself on creating a caring and informative environment for every patient. Whether you’re struggling with recurring headaches or a loved one was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she works with various neurological disorders. Call (704) 982-6833 to schedule an appointment today.

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