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HVAC Contractor Shares 3 Signs Your Heating & AC System Need Repair August 7, 2017

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HVAC Contractor Shares 3 Signs Your Heating & AC System Need Repair, Circleville, Ohio

Living with a failing heating and cooling system is not only uncomfortable, but it can leave you with substantially inflated utility bills too. With some guidance from a premier HVAC contractor, you can learn to identify when your system needs a repair. Located in Circleville, OH, All Star Heating & AC Services has become known as the area’s top service provider, and here, share some tips on how best to optimize your system by recognizing issues.

An HVAC Contractor’s Guide to Common Signs You Need Repair

1. High Bills

It’s a good idea to have a baseline for your average monthly utility bill. That way, you can quickly detect any unexpected surges that may indicate a problem with your HVAC system. When your units are not functioning at their peak performance, they have to strain to produce the same amount of air. That extra energy usage will be reflected on your next bill, so keep an eye out. 

2. Low Output

HVAC-contractor If you find yourself sweating in your home during the summer and shivering during wintertime, your HVAC infrastructure is not doing its job. A good test can be to put your hand over the vent to see if the unit is even producing any air. Another tipoff is if you or your family members are always pushing your thermostat to an extreme temperature since you’re not getting the response you want. 

3. Odd Noises

Whether you’re channeling cool air or heat into your home, your machines shouldn’t be producing loud noises. At most, your air conditioner or furnace may produce a slight hum. When residents begin hearing strange sounds like clanking or banging, it means that the unit has some internal damage with different parts rubbing together. 

The next time you detect an issue with your HVAC system, don’t hesitate to reach out to All Star Heating & AC Services. Their experts provide fast and efficient service 24 hours a day for your convenience. You can get in touch with a courteous staff member by calling (740) 477-8778. Learn more about the HVAC contractor by visiting their page online