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Home Energy Experts Share 5 Ways to Improve HVAC Efficiency August 8, 2017

Springfield, Erie
Home Energy Experts Share 5 Ways to Improve HVAC Efficiency, Springfield, Pennsylvania

Increased HVAC usage can lead to an exponential rise in your energy expenses during summer and winter months alike. With help from the home energy experts at Adams Heating & Cooling, you can learn how to maintain a well-performing system all year-round. Serving Erie County, PA, with reliable HVAC services, they can share tips to reduce energy costs significantly.

HVAC Efficiency Tips From Home Energy Experts

Repair Drafty Windows

home energy expertsThe sudden increase in your home’s heating and cooling bill could be a result of heat exchange through the drafts around your windowsill. This is a common problem in older windows and can easily be fixed with professional window sealing services.

Don’t Set Temperature Too High or Low

Setting the thermostat too high or low is another reason your HVAC system has to put in more work to ensure your comfort. Instead, home energy experts recommend setting temperature at comfortably high and low during summer and winter, respectively.

Invest in Energy Star® Products

HVACs bought 10 or more years ago were significantly less energy-efficient than their current counterparts. Replacing an older model with an Energy Star-rated product is one of the best ways to reduce energy costs for a long time to come.

Get Your System Correctly Sized by a Professional

Getting your home’s energy requirements evaluated by a professional helps determine the correct system size. A system too large ends up wasting energy, while smaller machines have to work longer to attain the desired temperature. Both of these situations mean a significant increase in your monthly utility bills.

Invest in Regular HVAC Inspection & Maintenance

Routine maintenance checks help highlight any underlying issues that could be affecting your system’s performance output. Having them fixed by your local home energy experts in time can boost its efficiency and spare you high monthly expenses.

For the residents of West Springfield and the surrounding areas, this means placing their trust in the HVAC services Adams Heating & Cooling has to offer. For more information about the affordable products and solutions their home energy experts offer, call (814) 922-7786 today, or visit their website.

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