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Types of Structural Steel Offered at American Metal Supply August 22, 2017

Okolona, Central Jefferson
Types of Structural Steel Offered at American Metal Supply, Central Jefferson, Kentucky

When you’re looking for a metal supplier, you want a company with a fully stocked inventory and a wide array of options. American Metal Supply, a distributor serving Cincinnati, OH, and Louisville, KY, is a one-stop shop for all your metal needs, and their supply of structural steel in particular is vast. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the different types they offer so you can get a head start on choosing the one that’s right for your project

6 Types of Structural Steel You’ll Find at American Metal Supply

1. Angles

Angled structural steel is an L-shaped piece that is perfect for the 90-degree angles that make up the corners of most buildings. Angles are one of the most in-demand steel types. American Metal Supply ensures superior quality and and ensures their angles are always in stock so they are available whenever you need them.

2. I-Beams

structural steelI-beams are named so because they are shaped like an I and are used in cross sections. In the United States, this category includes H-beams. These are typically used in construction and civil engineering.

3. Wide Flange Beams

Wide flange beams are typically shaped like a W and are used as beams or columns. Because of their makeup, they are extremely durable and resistant against bending or buckling. These pieces are often used in bridges, buildings, and other structural support applications.

4. Structural Channel

The structural channel is also known as the C-beam. This type of structural steel piece is used in building construction and civil engineering, much like the I-beams. They provide excellent support.

5. Miscellaneous Channel

The miscellaneous channels, or MC-Channels, look like an E without the center bar. They can carry immense loads of weight and are often used in non-residential buildings, staircases, and foundations.

6. Bar Size Channel

The bar size channel is a hot rolled channel used for general purposes. This structural steel formation may be used in residential and commercial buildings, bridges, stairs, statues, and a multitude of other structures.

If you’re searching for a reliable structural steel distributor, turn to American Metal Supply. Whether you prefer in-house processing or require it to be done through a separate partner, their professional staff can handle it all. For more information, check out their newly renovated website now. Or, call (502) 634-4321 today.

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