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Tree Services 101: How to Tell if Your Tree Is Dead August 18, 2017

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Tree Services 101: How to Tell if Your Tree Is Dead, Millersport, Ohio

You would think a dead tree would exhibit obvious signs, like a leafless or withered appearance. However, unless you pay close attention, your tree may have died weeks before you even noticed. Other times, you may think a tree is dead when in reality, you could still nurse your wilting plant back to health. If you’re not sure whether your tree is alive or dead, the experts from Millersport, Ohio’s trusted tree service, National Tree Care, will explain what you need to know.

3 Methods to Test Your Tree’s Health

Wounds & Fungus

Take a close look at your tree. Does it have any visible wounds or soft, fleshy areas? These sores are decaying bark and can weaken the core of your tree. As a result, it’s more prone to infection. Large cracks in the bark could mean your tree is on the brink of death. If your tree exhibits either of these signs, it may not be dead yet, but unless you intervene, it will be soon. Contact a trusted tree service to find out how to proceed.

Twig Health

Snap off a random twig or tree servicebranch from the tree. Then, break it in half. If the wood inside appears bright green, the branch is still alive. If it appears dull green—a color typically accompanied by wrinkled bark—it’s sick or otherwise faring poorly. If the flesh inside is brown and dry, the branch is dead. Check a few more twigs from various sections of the tree. If they’re all brown, your tree is dead and should be removed. If only one portion of the tree is dead, you could save the rest.

Bark Color

In some cases, the tree may be too robust for you to snap off a branch. If this is true of your tree, instead, scratch off some of the trunk’s bark with your fingernail. Similarly with the twig, if the flesh appears brown, it means your tree is dead. If you have a multi-trunk tree, such as a myrtle or river birch, ensure you check each trunk individually. A professional could save some of your tree. 

To learn more about how to care for your landscape, consult Millersport and Heath’s trusted tree service. From tree removal to trimming, the certified arborists from National Tree Care can help you maintain a safe, beautiful, and luscious landscape. Call the team today at (614) 357-1187, or visit the website to learn more. 

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