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Facts About Arsenic, a Common Drinking System Pollutant August 28, 2017

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Facts About Arsenic, a Common Drinking System Pollutant, Henrietta, New York

It’s important to know what’s in your drinking system that could be harmful to your health. There are local pollutants to be aware of, as well as environmental hazards to note and test for. Arsenic is just one chemical that might be in your water. Anderson Water Systems has encountered arsenic many times in their more than 60 years of servicing the Rochester, NY, area. Below, they share some facts about arsenic so you can familiarize yourself with this surprisingly common water contaminant. 

What’s in Your Drinking System? Facts About Arsenic

1. Contamination Sources

How does arsenic get into drinking systems? The element is naturally occurring in forest fires, rock and mineral erosion, and volcanic eruptions. It can be found in plants, animals, water, air, soil, and rocks. If your property has naturally occurring arsenic, it may leech into the water you drink. Using the proper water treatment methods and getting yearly testing are crucial to ensuring your family isn’t ingesting too much. 

The element can also be found in man-made items like medicine, paint, soap, metal, dyes, and items used in smelting and mining. Dispose of these properly to avoid ground contamination that may affect your water supply.

2. Negative Health Effects

Individuals who are drinking systemsexposed to high doses of arsenic over a short period of time may experience liver, skin, bladder, lung, nasal passage, prostate, or kidney cancer. Diabetes is also a possible side effect of exposure, along with cardiovascular, immunological, pulmonary, and neurological issues. 

3. Acceptable Arsenic Levels

In 2001, the Environmental Protection Agency ruled public drinking water cannot have more than 0.010 parts per million of arsenic. All water provided by municipalities follows these rules, and drinking system technicians ensure private wells and water sources also use this measurement to provide safe drinking water.

To protect yourself and your family, install purification systems that use carbon pre-filters, pass-through membrane cartridges, and carbon post-filters that remove sediments and other contaminants, like arsenic. To learn about installing these drinking systems, call Anderson Water Systems at (585) 385-6610 or visit their website

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