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3 Life-Long Benefits of Attending After-School Care September 5, 2017

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3 Life-Long Benefits of Attending After-School Care, Plainville, Connecticut

Young students spend a large portion of their day in the classroom, so it may seem like overkill to enroll them in an after-school care program, as well. However, transitioning to a new group of children later in the afternoon offers a range of benefits that many parents are unaware of. The following perks of attendance will almost certainly convince you to enroll your child in the coming school year. 

3 Life-Long Benefits of Opting for After-School Care for Your Child

1. Appreciate Personal Differences

after-school careAttending an after-school care program with other children provides copious opportunities for socialization. A diverse preschool exposes young minds to other cultures. This experience prepares them to form relationships with people from all walks of life and develop an appreciation for differences in the future.

2. Communication Skills

Being in an after-school care program with other children allows your little one to practice communication skills. For example, children must be able to clearly convey ideas and rules for games to their peers. Additionally, eating snacks with their friends also introduces young students to good manners and other social parameters surrounding effective communication with others. Finally, any encounter that ends in an argument can be used as a learning opportunity for conflict resolution.

3. Creativity  

Spending time with a diverse group of children can boost your young one’s creativity. As they are exposed to different activities and viewpoints, their own thought process will be widened. Your child’s imagination will continue to flourish as long as it’s nurtured and inspired through relationships with their peers. 


Plainville Early Learning Center in Connecticut values diverse experiences for both preschool and school-aged children. Their caring staff is specially trained in early childhood development to offer your student optimum benefits from an after-school care program. Give them a call today at (860) 747-3321 to schedule a tour, or visit their website page for more information. 

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