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Top 3 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for Summer August 7, 2017

Lexington-Fayette, Fayette
Top 3 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for Summer, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Summer is fully underway, and the hot, humid Kentucky weather is likely putting a considerable strain on your air conditioner. To keep it running smoothly and efficiently, Barkley Blevins Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, the leading AC experts in Lexington, KY, offer some important HVAC maintenance tips below. Following these three simple suggestions will lower your utility bills, extend the life of your air conditioner, and help you stay cool and comfortable this season.

3 Most Important Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for Summer

1. Replace Air Filter

Air conditionersTo reduce the strain on your air conditioner condenser unit and make air flow more efficient, you should replace your air filter every four or five weeks during peak usage months. The air filter is usually located within the blower compartment of your HVAC unit, in a slot beside or below your furnace, or behind a large air return vent—often 16 inches by 25 inches—in a central area of your home. If you prefer to let professionals handle it, Barkley Blevins Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning offers this service for a nominal fee.

2. Clear Debris & Foliage From Outdoor Unit

Make sure you haven't placed any boxes, lawn furniture, or other items atop the outdoor air conditioner unit. This prevents efficient heat dispersal and causes undue wear and tear on the system. Also, clear away any debris, branches, or vegetation growing within 24 inches around the unit to prevent blockages and permit unrestricted air intake. Both of these steps prevent overheating and enable the system to operate efficiently.

3. Inspect Wiring & Electrical

Before opening the access panel to the outdoor air conditioner unit, always shut off power at your home's main breaker box or the unit's electrical service disconnect—usually a small- to medium-sized box mounted on the house and connected by corrugated conduit to the AC unit. When you've opened the access panel, look for melted or blackened wire insulation, loose connections, scorch marks, or other signs of problems. If you don't feel comfortable working with electrical components, you should hire a qualified professional.

To keep your air conditioner operating at full capacity during the dog days of summer, Barkley Blevins Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning in Lexington, KY, provides reliable HVAC maintenance service at affordable rates. They also offer plumbing emergency and water heater service, should you require it. Call them at (859) 252-3519 to schedule service, or visit their website to leave a detailed message.

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