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3 Important Signs Your Car Needs Brake Service August 21, 2017

Canarsie, Brooklyn
3 Important Signs Your Car Needs Brake Service, Brooklyn, New York

When driving on the road, having working brakes is far and away the most crucial safety device. By learning to recognize when you may need brake service, you can avoid dangerous situations and regain full control of your vehicle.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Puma's Auto Care has emerged as the area’s top auto repair shop. Whether you need a muffler repair or an engine repair, the professionals will swiftly restore your car to pristine condition. Here are their three indicators that your car requires brake service:

Ineffective Brakes

The most direct sign it’s time for a brake service is if your brakes aren’t responding to the pressure of your foot. While the effect may be subtle, you’ll begin to notice having to push harder on the brake or a bit of a lag time until the car comes to a halt. It’s likely that your brake fluid is leaking, causing the system to malfunction. You can confirm this possibility if you spot a puddle underneath your car after it’s been parked. 

Unusual Sounds

brake serviceWhen your brakes are working properly, you won’t notice any noise when you use them. But, defective brakes sometimes will emit a loud grinding sound. The noise occurs when the brake pads have deteriorated to the point that the disc and caliper are scraping against each other. 

Sideways Lurches

In cases where the brake linings don’t wear evenly, the resulting imbalance can cause a malfunction when you try to brake. You may notice when you press down that your vehicle moves to one side even though you haven’t moved the steering wheel. Even if the effect is slight, that loss of control is extremely dangerous and should be addressed right away. 

The next time you think your car may need brake service, head right over to Puma's Auto Care. You can get in touch with a courteous staff representative by calling (718) 272-6306. Learn more about the shop by visiting their website.


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